Providing Safe Water, Irrigation And Health Hygiene And Sanitation Training

In times of drought, crops struggle to produce due to the lack of adequate water, causing food shortage and famine in many areas around the world. This is where A Well Watered Garden comes in.

We reach out to people by providing clean water for drinking and irrigation which allows for crops to thrive in times of low or no water situations. Also a lack of proper hygiene and sanitation knowledge causes illness in many villages. A Well Watered Garden is helping solve these problems one village at a time.

Our Mission

We are a Non-denominational, Evangelical organization that provides safe clean water to those in need by drilling water wells in villages and communities in West Africa, Guatemala and around the world as the Lord opens doors. In addition, we provide irrigation for crops and teach Health, Hygiene and Sanitation to the villagers. We use Godly principles to train and raise up leaders who will continue to help their villages and model these principles in life and business.

What We Do

We Share the Love of God in West Africa and other areas by drilling water Wells providing safe water for those in need which opens doors for evangelism and outreach. We provide irrigation training and assistance for better crop yields which will allow locals to have crops for their own use as well as to sell in order to earn much needed income. Providing safe water alone is not enough; we also provide training in Health, Hygiene & Sanitation in where needed. According to the United Nations, 80% of all illnesses and deaths in developing countries are due to unclean water and waterborne pathogens.

Our Approach

As a Christian service organization we help other Ministries, Churches, Civic Organizations and Individuals reach their communities by providing our Well Drilling Services and other expertise as needed. Our teams constantly strive to follow Godly principles in all that we do. 

Safe Water

Safe clean accessible water changes lives and gives Hope. When access to safe water is available to all, people and communities can thrive.


Safe water is just the beginning. Hygiene and sanitation education is also critical for ending waterborne diseases in the communities we serve.

Local Heroes

We have seen our Education, Encouragement and Empowering emphasis create local heroes. We are not only training the locals in the villages we serve, we are training trainers who are local leaders, teachers, pastors and their wives to teach these truths to every village possible. We believe this training will help elevate suffering as they learn what will make them feel better.

Get Involved

Help us help other ministries and missionaries so they can be more productive in their outreach ministry as well. If you want to join our team in our mission of ending water sanitation issues and hunger, check out how you can help! 

I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did unto Me. Matthew 25:40

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