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Our Programs

Water Well Drilling

Our goal is to provide safe clean water to those in need by partnering with other ministries and individuals to provide much needed resources. We help other ministries and missionaries so they can be more productive in their outreach ministry as well.

Talibé ministry

Every morning at daybreak ,in Senegal, one will see tattered little boys, many barefoot, scattering through the streets. In their hands they carry a plastic bowl. These are Talibe' boys. They are the victims of Child Slavery and abuse. They are forced to beg to raise money for the local muslim leaders. Our ministry will provide a safe place to offer these children a warm meal, a bath and fresh clothes, an opportunity to rest or play and to hear about Jesus. 

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Agriculture, Irrigation & Solar Power

We help our the local villagers with issues they face in raising crops to feed their families. We also help address the need for water to raise crops during times of drought. We design special projects as needed to provide power to pump and store water for irrigation.